Headed to Comic Con International in San Diego? Please swing by the Premiere of our Short Film. It will be screening at 6:30 PM on Thursday July 25th.  Stay for The Force5 Panel after the screening.  All Festival screenings take place at the Marriott Marquis (next to the convention center) - No reserved seating. Read more about the Film Festival here.

About Force5

What happens when a global conglomerate accidentally unleashes aliens onto earth--when all they really wanted to do was invent Uber for space tourism? Duh, they hire the world's best gamers to man a Titanic robot to get rid of the aliens! The gamers might actually be misfit kids and the robot might secretly be an alien, but the adventures are definitely cross-planetary, interstellar, and hilarious. And that's FORCE5 for ya--the next best  Animated Sci-Fi Action Comedy.  Cue the rockin’ theme song!

Merch that says... "I support the project"

Snagging a Limited edition lobby card 3-pack or signed poster gives us more rocket fuel for our titanic robot of mass destruction.  We have a limited number of signed posters and the Lobby cards will not be reprinted. When they are gone, they are gone.  

Thanks ya'll! - The Force5 team.

  • Premiere lobby card pack.

    Celebrate our Historic Comic Con Premiere screening limited edition lobby card pack.

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  • Poster signed by the creative team

    When this poster arrives at your house, please know it travelled the globe.

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  • Force5 Retro PC Game

    Force5 Team member finally takes matters into his own hands in this retro homage game based on an intellivision classic.  If you can guess what game inspired it, you'll get a mention on social!

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  • Did somebody say toys?

    Yes! Inquire during SDCC in July.