About Force5

What happens when a global conglomerate accidentally unleashes aliens onto earth--when all they really wanted to do was invent Uber for space tourism? Duh, they hire the world's best gamers to man a Titanic robot to get rid of the aliens! The gamers might actually be misfit kids and the robot might secretly be an alien, but the adventures are definitely cross-planetary, interstellar, and hilarious. And that's FORCE5 for ya--the next best  Animated Sci-Fi Action Comedy.  Cue the rockin’ theme song!

May the Force be with you!

Our animated short Force5: Welcome to the boom is making the rounds across the globe and will be hitting a film festival near you very soon. We will be posting dates in the coming weeks.  In the meantime please check out our exciting retro video game you can play on your PC.  There's a bit of an "inside joke" to this game.  You'll get it after you've seen the film.  Can't wait to grab your Force5 Merch at your theater?

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  • Play the Force5 Game

    Force5 Team member finally takes matters into his own hands in this retro homage game based on an intellivision classic.  If you can guess what game inspired it, you'll get a mention on social!

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  • Grab some Merch. We need Groupies!

    Anyone need a slimming black t-shirt with the coolest team logo since the thundercats?  Look no further.

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  • Become a Force5 "Contributor!"

    When we announced that Force 5 was in production, we offered a few folks some unique packages to help contribute to the budget for the project. We have one contribution package left and it's for an 11x17 movie poster print signed by the creative team.

    Check it out! 
  • Did somebody say toys?

    Yes! Inquire during SDCC in July.